2023 creativityhitsthefan.com with regiswrites and the golden_eagle2-shop.co.uk 2023
                                                                                                                2023 creativityhitsthefan.com  with   regiswrites  and the golden_eagle2-shop.co.uk 2023

Welcome, this 2023, to creativityhitsthefan    with golden-eagle2 and regiswrites 

Welcome to creativityhitsthefan.com with golden_eagle2! Art brings people together, creativity opens hearts. So take a look at and see what moves you. 

Works you'll find here will including paintings, sculptures, books and the redesigning of everyday objects, employing a wide range of ideas and materials for you to enjoy viewing and possibly owning. 

Here is a 1960s interpretation by Adrian Regis of the Elven hall meeting between Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo and Sam Gamgee. The picture is 6ft wide by 2ft 6inches high.